Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Barb's Musing: Resistance and Procrastination

Yesterday, my friend Deborah Monk, posed a question to our critique group.  Why is it, she asked, that we resist with so much strength the very thing we want the most? She was, at the time, talking about why she wanted to go out and play instead of sitting down at the keyboard and finishing her second.

Of course, being writers and natural procrastinators, that started a conversation.  We came up with four possible suggestions - all interestingly, fear based.

1. Because we're afraid of the outcome.  What if we get it, and we find out it doesn't make us happy after all?

2. Conversely, perhaps we're afraid we will be happy with the outcome.  If we're happy and have achieved our goals, what do we have to whine and play victim about?

3. Maybe it's because once we accomplish our goal, it's over.  We procrastinate because we don't want the experience to end.

4. And lastly, maybe what we think we want the most, isn't really what we want.

Ultimately, we decided the answer to her question is uniquely personal with everyone having a different reason.  However, the question is incredibly valid - especially for writers and aspiring writers who find themselves spending more time talking about wanting to write than actual writing.  Therefore, I decided to throw the question out to the bloggerverse.  Why do we resist doing that which we claim to want so badly? Why do we procrastinate?

Want to weigh in?  I'd love to hear your opinions.