Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Barb's Musing: Of goals, directions and RWA National

I'm supposed to be writing a proposal.  Because silly me, I've decided that yes, I'd like to write for more than one publisher.  Because in this crazy industry, it's wise to have more than one iron in the fire career wise, and I am in the gloriously awesome position of having two editors I enjoy working with.  (And who, I might add - make me a better writer!)

Of course, as anyone who has read my whining blog posts knows, I'm still struggling with balancing those irons. 

Fortunately, this dovetails nicely with the fact that next week I travel to Anaheim for the RWA Annual Conference.  The trip will give me a chance to seek out those other authors who are more a) prolific and b)fearless than I am and pick their brains.  (Maisey Yates and Donna Alward - watch out!)  I'm hoping they can help mentor me on balancing multiple deadlines and being more productive. 

I'm also going to be gathering as much information as I can about romance writing as a small business.  Because it dawned on me last week that my career is just that - a small business - and that I need to structure my work schedule as such.

If all goes right, you'll be hearing less whining and reading more Barbara Wallace novels.  At least that's the plan.

Meanwhile, like I said - I'll be in Anaheim.  I have no clue who checks this blog out regularly or who is going to be there too - but please, seek me out.  Though shy by nature, I'll have my extrovert hat on and would love to chat.  So if you see my name badge - say hello!  (BTW, Katy and Cathryn will be in Anaheim as well.  They too would love to hear from you all.)